is Woven Into Our Core

We know sustainability isn’t a fad—we’ve been investing in it for generations. Fil Doux Textiles was founded over 85 years ago in Chile with a vision for creating high-quality, contract-grade textiles with sustainability and ethical business practices at the forefront—all while exceeding competitive industry lead times and prices. How do we do it?

We are mill direct

Owning and operating our own mills allows us to ensure all aspects of our textile production processes meet the highest sustainability standards. In fact, we consistently implement the latest technology to exceed our industry’s guidelines.

We work together with people and nature

In everything we do, we make sure our production and sourcing methods honor and respect the environment and communities we work with.

We embrace our generous family roots

We dye, weave, spin, print and finish at our family-owned, earth-friendly mills in Chile and Brazil, with tariff and duty-free textiles to over 100 countries, always with industry-dominant lead times!

Keeping the Grass Greener On All Sides

We don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk. At Fil Doux Textiles, we reclaim and reuse all dye water, commit to 80 percent wind and solar powered mills, ethically source our raw materials, and repurpose them for packaging as well as make philanthropic contributions year-round.

Learn more about each of our initiatives below:

Mother Nature

Powered by Mother Nature

We are proud to say all our mills run on at least 80 percent solar- and wind-generated electricity. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is evident in significantly decreasing our reliance on combustion-based energy sources in our production process.

We Won’t Water It Down

The textile industry is one of the largest polluters when it comes to water waste and proper disposal, which is why we developed an onsite wastewater reclamation system to prevent dye water from re-entering the waterways.

  • Our dye water is reclaimed, cleansed, and reused in a closed loop.
  • Any water that requires further sanitization is sent offsite to be cleansed again before being put back into the waterways.
  • Our commitment to reclaiming dye water has saved billions of gallons of pollutants from entering our precious water systems.

Leading the Charge

Fil Doux works with MindClick, a third-party rating system that measures the environmental health performance of manufacturers and their products. As a MindClick Leader, our product transparency and innovation meet the global demand for healthier products and healthier environments. Fil Doux Textiles is one of only 300 manufacturers that have achieved Leader status, something we’re very proud of.

Nothing to Hide on our Hide

Our beautiful upholstery-grade leather has a certified Gold Rating from the Leather Working Group, a not-for-profit organization responsible for the world’s leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. Fil Doux’s leather utilizes a tanning process that has 40% less harmful chemicals and water than conventional leather making.

From Discards to Usable Yards

For years, we have enriched our local communities by supporting nonprofit art organizations across the United States. We donate fabric overage and remnants to under-funded school programs in need of art supplies, participate in workshops and activities, and make financial contributions twice yearly. Plus, all our chic tote bags are made from leftover fabric that could have ended up in a landfill!

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