The Conscious Choice

Working at the intersection of innovation and sustainability, we created the first-ever biodegradable vinyl, Otratex™.

The problem

Vinyl can take over 500 years to decompose. Its negative impact is enormous throughout its lifecycle, from production to disposal.

The solution

Otratex™ takes 30 years to decompose. Our proprietary biodegradable vinyl is made with natural enzymes that start the process of decomposition once discarded in an anaerobic environment.

How it works

Once broken down, the methane produced from Otratex™ is reused for energy, and the CO2 produced is offset by planting 1,000 trees for every 1,000 yards of  Otratex purchased with our One Tree Planted program. With roots in South America, this Amazon tree planting initiative aims to protect and celebrate the heritage that has allowed for Fil Doux Textiles’ success.

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