In our ever-changing world, we understand that guest health and safety is of top priority, and our innovative Pro-Tech stain defense is the exemplary solution to accommodate the rigorous cleaning and sanitizing demands across various industries

2021 - Protech

Pro-Tech is our original proprietary ink & denim protection, Applied during production, this eco-friendly, water-based stain protection increases the cleanability of products without adding to production lead time. Pro-Tech does not change the luxury feel, longevity or the eco-friendly aspects of our upholstery items, and is approved by most major hotel brands for their programs including Marriott, IHG, Hilton, and Wyndham.

2021 - Protech+

Our innovative Pro-Tech Plus is designed to handle the more stringent cleaning requirements often found in healthcare and cruise. Pro-Tech Plus gives you full confidence that Otratex™ won’t be destroyed by these new stringent cleaning chemicals, including bleach. Ink and denim protection now with bleach cleanability!
Perfect for cruise, hospitality and healthcare settings, Pro-Tech Plus and Otratex are an amazing combo coming mill-direct from South America, and adds no extra lead-time to production.

2021 - Protech29

Our laboratories in Chile and Brazil have created Copper Shield by Pro-Tech, a copper based layer that provides both an antimicrobial shield with ink and denim protection. We utilized copper natural properties to kill viruses and bacteria. A topcoat of Copper Shield is applied directly onto our products, and goes to work immediately. Copper Shield works non-stop, without harsh chemical cleaners, to keep your guests safe from the spread of viruses on your upholstery items. Copper Shield never compromises the hand, look, or feel of the product, and is included in lead time of the order.

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